Protesters interrupt Cleveland mayor as he introduced police commission nominees

Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 2:06 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Several protesters disrupted a Friday afternoon press conference led by Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb on the steps of the city hall.

Mayor Bibb was introducing the nominees for Cleveland’s new Community Police Commission when protesters holding signs interrupted his remarks with airhorns.

The protesters claimed that Cleveland’s mayoral administration has not done enough to increase police accountability.

“There is no representation on there for us,” said activist Brenda Bickerstaff.

Despite the interruptions, Mayor Bibb finished explaining the process of adding members to the 13-member panel before he went inside to the Cleveland City Hall.

We made sure to speak with the Law director Mark Griffin to see if the charter was violated.

“We have completely met all the charter requirements that say we must have people knowledgeable about the criteria so for example we have someone who is a victim of police violence that’s Shondra Benito,” he said.

Also selected by Mayor Bibb is Teri Wang.

She works as an advocate for immigrants.

“I was very happy, humbled, & honored, to even have the potential to serve on this commission it is an extraordinary important issue,” she said.

Mayor Bibb sent out the following statement below:

“I accept the Law Director’s interpretation of Charter Section 115-5. It was interpreted in good faith by knowledgeable lawyers and senior leaders, and we won’t let interruptions or distractions stand in the way of Cleveland’s progress.

We knew this process wouldn’t be fast or easy. We are proud of the people we have selected, and we are confident in the robust selection process that we conducted.

I am committed to seeing this through and I look forward to the next steps -- working with City Council to get the new Community Police Commission up and running.”