Akron police searching for 4 masked suspects who carjacked and robbed man at gunpoint

Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 10:18 PM EST
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AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - A young Akron man was carjacked at gunpoint right outside his apartment over the weekend. Police are still searching for the four masked suspects.

19 News was the only station to obtain the body camera Friday.

The 23-year-old man was driving a Kia which police say makes him a prime target for carjackers, but detectives believe this might not be the first time these four criminals have carjacked someone. A few weeks earlier there was an almost identical crime less than a quarter mile away.

“Yeah, I just got home,” the victim told police. “I parked, get out the car, right when I was going in. You can go through this first door, the second door you need to go through, you need a key to get through. It was four dudes sitting on the steps right when I was going through to put the key under the door. They was like if you move we killing you so I ain’t move, I didn’t even finish putting my key in the door. They all had guns pointed at me. They said give me everything.”

Police said the robbery and carjacking happened late Sunday night a little before 11:30 on Mull Avenue.

“I didn’t have nothing but my bookbag and I only had like some money in it some stuff like that like some money and uh some shoes in it,” the victim recalled. “They’re like give me your car keys. I’m like I’m not moving take it and I have my gun. I got my CCW, they took my gun. They took all of that. It was four of them they jumped in my car and pulled off.”

The victim told police one of the suspects held a gun to his head while they robbed him. They then stole his Kia which the victim was able to help police track down.

“My AirPods, I could track my AirPods too,” the victim told officers. “My AirPods is on my keys so if they got my keys still.”

“Yeah, that’s a good one,” the victim’s mother added.

“I love technology, don’t you?” an officer said.

A little while later police found the victim’s car near Stadelman and Madison Avenues, but the four thieves were nowhere to be found.

Police said they couldn’t get any DNA from the first crime scene, but they were hoping to get some prints off this victim’s car and possibly some video from surrounding businesses. Stay with 19 News for updates on the investigation.