Vinyl chloride and benzene detected in East Palestine woman’s urine

Published: Apr. 3, 2023 at 5:57 PM EDT
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EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WOIO) - More people in East Palestine are reporting feeling sick and fear what their health will look like for years to come.

Shelby Walker is one of those residents and recently got tested at a medical lab after feeling ill since the derailment two months ago.

She is scared after benzene and vinyl chloride were detected in her urine.

“I just read a little bit but I do know I have read in there that the benzene could cause leukemia later,” Walker said. “My uncle passed away of leukemia when I was a young girl so that lays in my mind and it is very fearful.”

Walker is not only worried about her children, but her grandchildren as well.

“Are my kids going to have to watch something I don’t want them to watch with me and my health,” Walker said.

Walker and her family of 11 live 900 feet from the controlled burn site. She said she will never be able to safely live in her home again.

“We are still in and out a lot because I have pets,” Walker said. “There are nights that my husband and I are still staying at home while my older daughter has the kids and grandkids at the hotel. It just depends on if there’s availability for everybody or not.”

As Walker waits to meet with her doctor to see what can be done about her results, she hopes her children and grandchildren do not have the same outcome.

“I guess it really hasn’t hit me because I’m worried about the rest of the family that still has to be tested,” Walker said. “My kids and my grandkids that’s more my concern is them because that will really affect their future.”