Supporters take to Akron streets with Justice for Jayland Walker march

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 4:22 PM EDT
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AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - Nearly 400 supporters of Jayland Walker’s family took to the streets of Akron Wednesday afternoon. The group is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct a ‘pattern of practice’ investigation into the Akron Police Department.

Pamela Walker, the mother of Jayland Walker cried as she told supporters about her only son, “Jayland was a quiet, kind and beautiful young man who aspired to be a business owner. But, he was taken away from me on June 27th when was killed by members of the Akron Police Department -- Jayland was unarmed and running away from police. The eight officers unleashed a hail of bullets, shooting at him over 90 times, and I’ve learned that 46 of them struck my son. As a nurse I understand where every bullet struck my son and the unimaginable pain it inflicted on him, as well as his body that was mutilated by gunfire, and even though he was clearly dead -- he was handcuffed.”

Others who stood as support for the Walker family included parents from around the country who have also lost their loved ones due to police shootings.

Attorney Bobby DiCello read a list of demands from the family that not only included a Justice Department investigation, but a demand for the full transcripts of the investigation, so that the public can know what evidence was actually presented to the grand jury. Other demands include making the names of the eight officers public, the family is also demanding that those officers are fired or forced to resign.

This latest march comes on the heels of that Special Grand Jury in April that voted against indicting or criminally charging the eight officers in the Jayland Walker case.

Reverend Aaron Phillips of Akron told supporters he’s angry, “The systemic problem of killing our people, not just in Akron, but, in Texas, in Ferguson, in Cleveland and all across the country is the same problem. The people charged to protect and serve us, are killing us.”

There is currently an internal affairs investigation into the eight officers actions last June, and 19 News has learned that the results of that probe into any possible police policy violations could be wrapped up in about 30 days, according to sources.

The group that organized the march is also organizing a march on Washington to demand Justice for Jayland. It will be held on June 27th, the one year anniversary of the deadly police shooting of Walker.

Jayland Walker
Jayland Walker(Source: WOIO)

The officers shot and killed Walker, a 25-year-old Black man, on June 27, 2022 after an attempted traffic stop that led to a police chase. More than 90 rounds were fired.

Social justice groups such as Freedom Bloc, Building Bridges for Community Unity and Progress, The Andrew Joseph Foundation, The Oscar Grant Foundation, Akron NAACP and Akron Urban League are also set to participate.