Oh deer! Westlake Police rescue fawn tangled in backyard soccer net (video)

Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 1:28 PM EDT
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WESTLAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - It seems Bambi tried to play soccer in a Westlake backyard, but instead of kicking the ball into the net, he got himself tangled up in it.

Westlake Police said a concerned citizen called for help after finding a baby deer caught in their backyard soccer net on May 27.

The neighbors had tried to free the fawn themselves, but Westlake Police stated “mommy deer was too protective.”

Bodycam footage shared by Westlake Police showed an officer cutting the fawn loose in just one minute.

The fawn jumped back into his hooves and scurried back to his mom, who anxiously waited close by to be reunited with her baby.

“Officers responded to handle the situation as we do many times each day and night (although most don’t involve a cute spotted Bambi),” Westlake Police stated.